Multispectral Georeferenced Aerial Images of Northern Germany

General Information

Aerial images recorded on board of a research aircraft during flight trials in winter and summer of the year 2020. The images show the views of front-and down-facing cameras during en-route flights at altitudes from 2000 to 5000 ft AGL. Four cameras with different resolutions, frequencies and spectral measurement ranges were used.
The measurements include:
   • RGB images
   • IR images
   • Time stamps
   • Positions and attitudes of the cameras in WGS84

Flight data from following campaigns in February and June are included:

Date Cams Down Cams Ahead Route / Comment
2020-02-04 RGB IR Test flight. Down facing RGB without GNSS data.
2020-02-05 RGB IR RGB IR Uelzen - Schwerin - Salzwedel
2020-02-07 RGB IR RGB IR Hannover - Damme - Hameln
2020-02-21 RGB IR RGB WOB - Stendal - Klietz/Scharlibbe
2020-02-24 RGB IR Göttingen - Kassel - Höxter
2020-02-25 RGB IR Magdeburg - Leipzig - Naumburg
2020-03-02 RGB IR RGB IR Hildesheim - Paderborn

Date Cams Down Cams Ahead Route / Comment
2020-06-02 RGB IR RGB IR Photogrammetry flight over Braunschweig
2020-06-03 RGB IR RGB IR Rostock - Stralsund - Greifswald
2020-06-05 RGB IR RGB IR Greifswald - Peenemünde - Swinemünde
2020-06-08 RGB IR Dresden - Bautzen - Magdeburg
2020-06-09 RGB IR RGB IR Sangerhausen - Erfurt - Goslar
2020-02-04 RGB IR Test flight. Down facing RGB without GNSS data.

Password for data download: IFF-{Date of flight} - e.g. IFF-2020-02-05

Project: C2Land Phase C1 (FKZ 50 NA 1918) funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, administered by the Agency of Aeronautics of the DLR in Bonn.

Data Description

Flight trials were conducted with four cameras.
Downfacing: Phase One 100 MP RGB camera and Flir A65 IR camera
Ahead: PhotonFocus RGB camera and Infratec VarioCam 620 IR camera.

Pictures of cameras facing ahead are not available for all flights and flight segments.

For all pictures the current GPS/UTC time and position are available. For downfacing IR and both cameras facing ahead the euler angles of the aircraft are also available.

For each day (a single flight per day was performed) there is INS.kml to get an overview of the flown route.

Information about the data format

Phase One / Down facing RGB camera

The raw data of the camera was captured with 100MP resolution. The published data contains 1MP and 10MP downsampled data. Full resolution is available on request.
Pictures were taken in 3 second intervals.
The file name of the pictures contains their respective UTC time stamp.
The EXIF-tag of each picture contains the respective GPS coordinates as well as UTC time stamp.

PhotonFocus / RGB camera facing ahead

Pictures were taken at 10Hz with 1280x1024 pixel resolution.

Flir A65 / Down facing IR camera

Pictures were taken at 7.5Hz with 640x480 pixel resolution and upscaled to 1280x1024 pixel.
Camera native proprietary temparature mapping applied.

Infratec / IR camera facing ahead

Pictures were taken at 10Hz with 640x480 pixel resolution.
The provided jpeg images were created using min/max temparature mapping (i.e. black = coldest temperature in the image, white = hottest temperature in the image) and upscaled to 1280x1024 pixel.

In addition the raw data is available in a simple binary format containing float values for the temperature of each pixel.
The camera has a 640x480 pixel sensor capturing temperatures in the range from -40°C to +120°C with a temperature resolution of 0.03K at +30°C and a measuring accuracy of +/-1K.
The raw data files contain little endian 4-byte signed float values for the temperature in Kelvin (K) of each pixel sorted row-wise starting with the top-left pixel.

PhotonFocus, Flir, Infratec: State Vector

The pictures (and Infratec raw data files) follow the naming scheme frame_NNNNNN.jpg / frame_NNNNNN.irraw - with NNNNNN representing the frame ID.
Each record folder contains a saveData.csv file containing state vector information for each frame ID as well as GPS dayseconds as time information.

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  • Quellenvermerk: ©TU Braunschweig, Institute of Flight Guidance 2020
    Licensed under the Data licence Germany – attribution – Version 2.0.

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