S-VELD - Sentinel-5P NO2 - Germany, Monthly

This collection contains monthly mean tropospheric NO2 columns for Germany and surrounding areas derived from Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI Level-1B data.
The Sentinel-5P tropospheric NO2 data is generated by DLR and provided in the framework of the mFUND-Project "S-VELD".
The tropospheric NO2 data are vertical column densities with the unit "μmol/m2".
Sentinel-5P observes Germany once per day at ~12:00 UTC and only cloud-free measurements (cloud fraction < ~0.2) are used.
The Sentinel-5P tropospheric NO2 data within each month are averaged and gridded onto a regular UTM grid.
The number of measurements used in the calculation of the averaged value are included in this collection as well.

mFUND-Projekt: S-VELD, FKZ: 19F2065A

Atmospheric conditions Sentinel-5P TROPOMI Germany S-VELD NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide trace gases cloud fraction monthly opendata mFUND-FKZ: 19F2065A mFUND-Projekt: S-VELD mCLOUD mcloud_category_roads mcloud_category_aviation

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